When you’re in need of a bigger space, moving house isn’t always an option and open plan living can be hugely beneficial in your home.

Often the cheaper alternative to moving, open plan living creates more space and provides homeowners with a social space that brings the family together.

Here’s four great benefits to open plan living…

It brings light into your home

Through open plan living you can create one large multi-functional and light-filled space. The nature of the design will allow light to travel all the way through the ground floor of a property, with no walls getting in the way blocking its flow. This means it also helps save on electricity costs too.

It creates multi-functional living

Your space might be a kitchen first and foremost but it can also be so much more than that – a space where friends and family can convene and converse, a place to eat, as well as serving as a living room where the kids can play and watch TV together!

It’s very sociable 

As we’ve said, there’s plenty of social space in an open plan home, it seems that knocking down walls between people can also knock down some barriers between them too. The open plan space becomes the focal point of the home, creating a fluid space that binds rooms together and becomes a key part of the house that people are drawn to. It also means you have somewhere to cook and entertain at the same time – so you don’t get isolated when cooking in one room!

It allows you to compartmentalise

As well as being bigger, an open space gives you the ability to identify different zones, delegating space while remaining open. From zone lighting to islands, breakfast bars and maybe even dining booths – it’s a great way to invent a new living space in your home.

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