The new decade is finally here! But what does the year 2020 have in store for us in terms of home renovation trends?

We’ve got a few thoughts…

Investing in your home’s potential

As more and more homeowners continue to stay put rather than move, identifying unused spaces in your home is the best way to reconfigure and find a way to incorporate contemporary solutions into an outdated interior.


With climate change and the environment on top of everyone’s agenda, keeping your materials green is one of the best ways to ‘do your bit’. Repurposing and recycling old materials plus a rising interest in all things sustainable, like bamboo starting to trend as an eco-material, shows that going green is definitely a trend for this year – and the future!

Using natural materials

The balance of old and new creates a great juxtaposition in terms of design, but again repurposing natural materials is just another way homeowners can stay green. It’s also a great way to ‘buy local’ and decrease the impact of your carbon footprint.

Multi-generational living

As younger generations move back in with the parents to offset the cost of living, thoughts are being turned to adapting homes to accommodate several generations under one roof. Basements and attics are both great spaces for conversions and investment in transforming these areas isn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon.

Micro house design

As homeowners continue to get short changed for space, simple design tricks with the walls, cupboards and beds, can create a multi use space. From folding beds and tables to additional windows to create light and space, plus some of the world’s most inventive storage you’ll see – these are all great ways to make a small space feel bigger.

Colourful kitchens and statement making bathrooms

Stepping away from the safety of the monochrome palette, kitchens look set to become much more colourful in 2020, while statement mirrors, mosaic tiles and luxury finishes are set to be hugely popular in the bathroom space this year.

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