A question we often get asked, and it really does depend on so many variables!

From weather, to the complexity of the project, from what land the home is built on, to a flat tyre on your builder’s van – there’s no end of little things that can affect a project timeline.

Custom homes can take longer to complete than production homes, while manufactured homes typically can be completed in a few months. Here’s a few things you might want to be aware of that could get in your way…

Pre-construction and permits

Before a builder can start building your home, the home’s lot must be prepared. That means clearing trees, rocks and other items, rough grading and leveling for the foundation. Depending on how much work is involved, there can be delays during pre-construction, and getting proper approvals and permits can also cause delays.


Depending on where the home will be, building times can be affected by the landscape of the surrounding environment – mountain ranges for example would prove slightly tricker than a nice flat field! And let’s not forget the weather – you can plan all you want for a summer extension but that Great British Summertime wind, rain and hail will mean scaffolding ain’t going nowhere!

Availability of workers and supplies

The summer months are generally the busiest time for home construction, so you might find your new home’s construction was delayed while waiting for the necessary labor to be available. We work really hard to project manage all our builds, moving the team around so that when a plasterer finishes one job, he’s ready for the next. The best thing you can do to avoid any snags is always communicate with your builder – it may be they can start work on another room, or push something to the end of a project if there is a hold up.

Changing the plan

This does happen, and it can extend the build time, the best thing to do is be upfront with your builder as early as you can if you think of any changes – the later they are in the process, the more complicated they will become. 

Construction style

The style of your home will also influence construction time – for something more extravagant you will be looking at more time, so the trick is to be patient – and remember it will all be worth it in the end to get that home you’ve always dreamed of!

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